Monday, January 12, 2015

Jagodina Library Director Nominated for Naj Žena (The Best Woman) Contest

  Blic Žena is a weekly magazine dedicated to women. Every week there is an article about a successful woman in Serbia.

There was an article about Vesna Crnkovic, the Jagodina Library director, in May 2014 .

There are 100 stories in Blic
Žena about successful women in Serbia annually.  Journalists who work for Blic and Blic Žena (most read Serbian daily )  vote and select  10 most successful women in Serbia.  

At the beginning of 2015, Vesna Crnkovic entered the top 10 successful women.

Readers of this magazine can vote until 21 January. In March, there will be an event when Naj Žena Blic Žene 014. (The best woman in 2014) will be announced.

The article in the magazine:

Vesna Crnkovic, the Jagodina Library director, rose the village libraries in the Pomoravski district from the ashes. She enriched the libraries with books, computers and the Internet. She taught more than 200 farmers to use a mouse and a computer. 
 On the website there is the marketplace that farmers use to trade online.
- When I became a director eight years ago, the libraries in our municipality were in terrible condition. Books were not purchased for years, the libraries were open from time to time, because people did not get their salaries.
The town could not help and it was then that Vesna heard at a meting that the international organization EIFL  announced a call for proposals for innovative projects and that ten projects would be selected and awarded $30,000. She applied with the idea "Agrolib", and on 3 April 2010, for her 43rd birthday, she found out that the project proposal was accepted. Five rural libraries got books, magazines and novels, computers and free Internet! 
For the very first computer training in the village of Glogovac, there were 5 farmers who applied, but did not show up!
- It was a defeat. But we did not give up.
The project AgroLib was the first of its kind in the world. Its authors did not have other projects to replicate, and now others learn from them, and today there are rural electronic libraries in Lithuania, Latvia and Macedonia. And there will be more such libraries in Serbia. 
Vote for Vesna Crnkovic by texting NZ VESNA CRNKOVIC to 063/ 257-000