Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Library and the media

Executive Group, the PR Agency of ERSTE Foundation, and the Jagodina Library hosted a workshop on 18 November 2013. The topics were media relations, online PR training: trends and perspectives and organization of events.
The Jagodina Library was awarded by ERSTE Foundation for social integration 2013 for the project Agricultural Libraries in Jagodina and thereby ensured participation in this and other seminars on innovative trends for achieving better business results that ERSTE Foundation organizes.
 Twelve librarians from the town and the village libraries attended the training. All of them are responsible for contact with the media and they wanted to improve their presentation skills.
  Dusan Lopusina held a very dynamic and interactive workshop and gave numerous examples from his experience. He talked about basic principles related to relations with the media and various aspects that provide maximum effects. The speaker highlighted how and why the media contributed to raising the public  awareness about the company, improved corporate image and brand recognition, created opinion where there is none or confirmed the one that already exists.
The aim of the training was to train librarians for public speaking in the media and to improve the quality of communication and understanding different ways of appearance in the media, what the real nature of the media is and how all of that can be used for efficient completion of tasks.
   In the part of the training- Online PR the speaker introduced all the actions that can be performed on the Internet in order to attract the attention of the media: television, radio, newspapers, various websites, online forums, that is how to be presented wherever there is a possibility for your message to be seen and heard and then delivered to others.

The final part of the training was related to the organization of events, and the speaker guided the librarians step by step through the exercise and discussion (setting priorities, delegating tasks, creating the budget and identifying the problem) through the organization of an event from the idea and planning to the realization.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

With a hoe and a laptop in the field

Since the Jagodina Library team got back from Beyond Access Asia: 2013 in Bali, public interest in the project has increased. The director of the Library was interviewed for the article titled "Unusual rural libraries: When farmers are studying" for the Serbian print and electronic edition of the magazine Business & Finance.

On Sunday, 17 November, the daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti published an article about the AgroLib Ja project in their weekend edition, with the highest circulation during the week. The headline "With a hoe and a laptop in the field" attracts readers’ attention. They have the opportunity to read about the project idea, its awards, Beyond Access and its benefits for the local community.

The director of the library highlights that there are 311 rural libraries in Serbia with no computers or Internet access and that in such libraries the programs and services are not adapted to the needs of the people.

On Monday, 11 November on a local TV station Palma Plus, the director of the Library talked about the project in the program "U prvom planu".
 The media interest in the project does not decline, so the feature on the project will be shown on the prime time news "Dnevnik" on 19 November.

The Ministry of Culture has finally realized the significance of the project recently, and wants to disseminate the idea of agricultural libraries in other libraries in Serbia.