Monday, April 14, 2014

A Letter of Appreciation to the Jagodina Library

On Sunday, 13th April the Beekeepers Association Bagrdan from the village of Bagrdan marked the 20th anniversary.  On that occasion, the library hosted an agricultural lecture Fast development of bees for acacia grazing. The speaker was Miljko Sljivic, whose lectures are always well-presented and interesting. Also, friends, associates, sponsors and donors of the Beekeepers Association received Letters of Appreciation as a symbol of cooperation and mutual respect.

The Jagodina Library has had cooperation with the Association since the opening of the Bagrdan library in 2010. They are beneficiaries of the services of both the village library and the town library. The Letter of Appreciation they gave to the Jagodina Library is a confirmation of the success of the Agricultural libraries project.

The president of the Beekeepers Association, Branko Milanovic, addressed the audience and expressed his satisfaction regarding the cooperation with other beekeepers associations, donors and sponsors and to the Jagodina Library on whose support the existence of the Association depended at some points in the past.

Milija Brajkovic, a beekeeper from the village of Lovci, talked about the history of their Association which was founded in 1994. The members are not only beekeepers from Bagrdan, but also from neighboring villages, i.e. the entire municipality. This Association is the only village beekeepers association who is a member of The Serbian Federation of Beekeeping Organizations.