Thursday, April 21, 2016

Educational Program: Promotion of Cultural Expressions of Nišavski, Pirotski and Toplički Districts

At the invitation of Mrs. Hristina Mikić, director of the Foundation Creative Economy Group, Vesna Crnković, the Jagodina Public Library director, participated in the educational program for the development of the capacities of local governments and non-governmental sector in the field of protection and promotion of cultural expressions of Nišavski, Pirotski and Toplički districts. She presented a paper „Village libraries used for increasing entrepreneurial capacity, the example of the project Agricultural Libraries.“
In April, the Creative Economy Group organized Second School of Creative Economy: Local development and creative industries. The participants were 15 representatives of local governments from municipalities in Nišavski, Pirotski and Toplički districts. The School was held in Event centar Perla, 18-20 April, and the focus was on innovative role of culture and creative industries for local development.
The School of Creative Economy is a unique program for education of leaders in the field of creative economy. This year, the program is dedicated to the local development and creative economy. There are 25 leading national and international lecturers in the field of planning the development of creative economy who shared their experiences with the participants. The initiative is carried out under the patronage of UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.
The participants showed great interest in achieving cooperation with the project Agricultural Libraries.