Saturday, March 7, 2015

First lecture in the Glogovac library this year- Fruit tree pruning

On Saturday, 7th March 2015, a lecture on Fruit tree pruning was hosted at the Glogovac library.
Farmers from this and neighboring villages were interested in this topic, because this time of the year is perfect for fruit tree pruning.

The lecturer was Igor Andrejić, graduate engineer in fruit science and viticulture. He is the associate of the Agricultural Advisory Service of Serbia (the  regional center in Jagodina). With this lecture, the cooperation between the Jagodina Public Library and this institution started. 

The lecturer talked about pruning methods, different reaction by the tree, minimizing plant wounding and speed wound closure, the tools needed (bypass pruner and anvil pruners). His presentation included pictures of trees in orchards showing examples of both good and bad pruning techniques. 

Also, he answered questions by the audience regarding grafting specific fruit trees, and what results to expect, what the pros and cons of summer pruning are, etc. 

The effective discussion followed the lecture, because the farmers wanted to share their experiences regarding pruning, and hear the speaker's opinion and advice.

Encouraged by the speaker what they should pay attention to when pruning, one of the farmers decided to take a few books on pruning. The librarian was happy to recommend appropriate literature.