Friday, March 18, 2016

Agricultural Lecture in Glogovac

The Jagodina Public Library and the Agricultural Advisory Service of Serbia in Jagodina hosted an agricultural lecture in the Glogovac village library on 18 March 2016. The topics were: Significance of agrochemical analysis of soil and lowering soil acidity“ and „Potato and pepper protection“.

The lecturers were the Agricultural Advisory Service advisors-Milanka Miladinović and Ružica Đukić. These topics were useful for the residents of Glogovac and nearby villages. The advisors have collected the data on soil fertility and the type of agriculture in this area and prepared lectures based on their research.

They talked about lowering soil acidity, and free land fertility control. Also, they talked about the potato and pepper protection during the growing season.

After the lecture, the present farmers discussed with the advisors the most agriculture-related concerns and exchanged business cards that they got from the Library as successful producers and users of Agricultural Libraries services.

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