Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bekeeping Fair Held in Jagodina

In the famous touristic complex Potok in Jagodina the first Beekeeping Fair was held on 10th September 2016. It was organized by the Beekeeping Association of Serbia, the Beekeeping Association Pomoravlje and the Jagodina Public Library project AgroLib.

After the welcoming ceremony for the guests, there was a cultural and artistic program and handing out letters of appreciation to Sasa Miletic, the president of the Beekeeping Association Pomoravlje; Slavica Dimitrijevic, the secretary of the Association; Boban Misic, the vice-president of the Association; the President of the Jagodina City Assembly Dragan Markovic Palma and the Jagodina Mayor Ratko Stevanovic. The Deputy Mayor Snezana Vukasinovic received the letters of appreciations on behalf of Mr. Markovic and Mr. Stevanovic. She held a speech and declared the Fair open.

The Cultural artistic society Kablovi performed a dance and the Fair began.

The exhibition of bee products, beekeeping equipment, beekeeping literature and the sale of plants that were the friends of bees, was held during the whole day. Satisfied visitors at the Fair had the opportunity to taste or buy various bee products.

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